Takahiro UedaInstallation shots of Invisible Movement, 2013Quartz, analog clock, steel, acrylic board, wood, signal generatorCourtesy of the artistImage: Shinji Minegishi

Keiko Koshihara at White Rainbow Gallery

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 67

Lydia Ourahmane The Third Choir 2014

Lydia Ourahmane

by Adrian Lee
from Artvehicle 67

Tartu Art Museum, Estonia

Rael Artel, Director of Tartu Art Museum, Estonia

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 67
Ronnie Close Ultra Camp

Ronnie Closes's Film Project: More Out Of Curiosity

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 66
Leah CapaldiUntitled2013Video stillImage courtesy of VITRINE.

Alys Williams, Director of the Vitrine Gallery

by Adrian Lee
from Artvehicle 65

© Hind Mezaina - Dubai

Hind Mezaina, Dubai-based photographer and blogger

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 64

Details in the Fabric by Khalid Mezaina

Mobius Design Studio, Dubai

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 64
Amanullah Mojadidi, Resolution, commissioned by documenta(13) (2012, Photo Credit Nils Klinger)

Amanullah Mojadidi, Artist and Curator

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 63
Work in Progress. Vessel made out of St. Peters Seminary, Cardross.

artist Deniz Uster

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 63
Ronnie Close, Street protest against President Morsi, Tahrir Sq Nov 2012. (wigs and masks are popular).

artist and filmmaker Ronnie Close

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 63
I like Ducks with Daren Callow and V MorrisV Morris, D Lehan and S Stevens

the protagonist of Frog Morris Presents

by Lee Campbell
from Artvehicle 61
Roberto Cuoghi Drawing, Triptych
Roisin Byrne, 2011

Roisin Byrne

from Artvehicle 60
Alys Williams, Wildebeeste, 2011

Alys Williams, Artist and Curator, Director of the Vitrine Gallery

by Ali MacGilp and Alys Williams
from Artvehicle 56

DIY Educate

by Becky Hunter
from Artvehicle 54
Airis by Johanna Melvin

the artist Tamsyn Challenger

by Ali MacGilp and Tamsyn Challenger
from Artvehicle 53

'Pan-Hotdog' & 'Pan-Cheeseburger' Vomitoriae, 2010
Wood, metal, fabric, wallpaper, plastic and gloss paint.
Pan-Hotdog measures 1.65m by 2.24m by 10cm and the base is 1m by 1.20m by 5cm.
Pan-Cheesburger measures 80cm by 120cm by 4cm and the base is 82cm by 84cm by 2cm.
Courtesy The Agency Gallery, London

Ludovica Gioscia

by Adrian Lee
from Artvehicle 52

Andy Parker
Souvenir of LA
Spraypaint on wall
Dimensions Variable

Andy Parker by Carmen Julia

by Carmen Julia
from Artvehicle 51
Courtesy of Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby

by Franck Bordese
from Artvehicle 51
Bruce McLean, Should I Go (High Up...) featuring Nice Style, 2010 installation, with bar by Lynton Talbot and Tim Rowson and bench by Gary Woodley

RUN on the exhibition Should I Stay or Should I Go?

by Jesse Benson, Becky Koblick and RUN Gallery
from Artvehicle 49
Samuel Fouracre

Samuel Fouracre

by Samuel Fouracre and Lucy Moore
from Artvehicle 49

Flower and Stone
Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson

by Franck Bordese
from Artvehicle 48
 The Milgram Re-enactment, 2002, Rod Dickinson in collaboration with Graeme Edler and Steve Rushton

Rod Dickinson: The Milgram Re-Enactment (2002)

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 47
'Synaesthetic Relief', oil paint, bees wax and resin on canvas over board, 60cm x 40cm, 2010

Nathan Barlex: Progressive Collapse

by Lydia Corry
from Artvehicle 47

Warren Carvery 
Photographic Collages -detail
Various Sizes.

Phil Hale

by Rose Lejeune
from Artvehicle 45
AllArtNow, May 2009

AllArtNow, Damascus

by Abir Boukhari and Tobias Collier, with Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 43

Lundahl and Seitl

by Gemma Sharpe, Harun Morrison, Christer Lundahl, Martina Seitl
from Artvehicle 43
Neil Hedger, Celebrity, 2008 (plasticine, wax, aluminium, wood, paint)

Alma Enterprises

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 41
BAF Art School, Dubai, March 2009

Sara Raza, Curator of BAF Art School, Dubai

by Ali MacGilp and Sara Raza
from Artvehicle 41
Eric Fong Ways of Seeing: Blindness and Art 2008

Eric Fong

by Ali MacGilp and Eric Fong
from Artvehicle 39
Drawing by boyleANDshaw ‘Dynamite Fighter’ flyer

boyleANDshaw, Adam James, Malin Ståhl

by Ali MacGilp
from Artvehicle 38
Phoebe Davies‘Thud’ 2008

Phoebe Davies

by Samantha Bond
from Artvehicle 35
Still from Hilary Powell’s ‘The Games’. Photograph by Federico Figa Talamanca

Hilary Powell

by Ali MacGilp and Hilary Powell
from Artvehicle 33
Lida AbdulBrick Sellers of Kabul, 200616mm film tranfer to DVD

Lida Abdul

by AM
from Artvehicle 29
Walter Richard Sickert 'The Camden Town Murder or What Shall we do for the Rent?' (detail)c. 1908 Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Fund(c) Estate of Walter R. Sickert/DACS 2007.

Dr Deborah Swallow

by AM
from Artvehicle 28
Daniel ShandJune 2007In Residence

Daniel James Wilkinson

by AL
from Artvehicle 19
Beatrice Gibson'if the route:' the great learning of london [a taxi opera]Performance StillBeatrice Gibson & Jamie McCarthy2007

Beatrice Gibson

by AM
from Artvehicle 18
Heather Ackroyd & Dan HarveyFlyTower2007

Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey

by AM
from Artvehicle 17