Nathalie Djurberg

Artvehicle 20/Recommended

20th June 2007 — 21st July 2007

All too often the time and effort necessary for animation massively outweighs the concept behind the piece. Not so with the work of Nathalie Djurberg, her claymation pieces combine dark humour with a compulsive narrative, all enhanced by jaunty, instrumental music. Four films are being shown in this intimate space. Upon entering the gallery the visitor witnesses a specially built mezzanine presenting the backs of the staff and The Family Heart. Just over two minutes long it depicts a naked mother and her two daughters. They squabble and compete for attention while mum sits bored in the centre of the screen. Downstairs a chaise long has been provided to view New Moments in Fashion. Five scrawny girls try on clothes, fight, dance and bully each other as the background is repainted again and again. In our own Neighbourhood depicts the disintegration of a house through a succession of tenants and looters. Finally a panther takes up residence and the building becomes a home. The Necessity of Loss shows a gentleman in period costume at his desk. A young girl comes in and writhes in his lap. Is it self-loathing that drives him to use the sword on the table to cut of his penis? It doesn't solve the problem and he continues to lop of limbs until only his head remains. Will he now find peace? Will he hell. She takes of her underwear and wriggles on his face.


207 Whitecross Street
London EC1Y 8Q

Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm