Vanessa Billy with Carl June and Alex Heim

Artvehicle 3/Recommended

Buffy Summers lived and slayed in Sunnydale, a gateway between our world and the underworld. Despite it's name, The Hex gallery is a less melodramatic intersection. Midway between Vyner Street and Murder Mile this new space is on the 4th floor of a council block and the work is shown throughout the flat and on the balcony. There is even an off-site project down the road in Cherry B, the local hairdresser. Pieces by Vanessa Billy, Alex Heim and Carl June are dotted about. Stuff, the commonplace, the everyday and bits and pieces have been combined, painted and recorded. Some of the results have a certain beauty. I was particularly taken with Heim's video piece Kanal 1, Billy's Solution in Drops and, at Cherry B's, Jason Dungan's glum plant.


The Hex
27 Sandgate House
Pembury Estate
London E5 8JH

Saturday & Sunday, 12pm-6pm