Blue Noses

Artvehicle 4/Recommended

9th November 2006 — 2nd December 2006

Matthew Bown was detained in Russia last month when he attempted to export the work of Siberian duo Blue Noses to London. The Russian Police confiscated the works and hospitalised the Blue Noses' gallerist. The works that caused such controversy are now on display above a tailor's in Savile Row. They are rather juvenile, jokey photographs of three men cavorting in their underpants wearing masks of Putin, Bin Laden and Bush, with larger images of a veiled suicide bomber showing her knickers, and a naked woman holding an image of 9/11 over her face. However I really liked their series Kitchen Suprematism, crisp photographs of rye bread and salami formed into Malevich's seminal abstract compositions. Also on show are cardboard boxes from which giggles escape. Upon peering inside, you discover naked figures playing games.


Matthew Bown Gallery
First floor
11 Savile Row
London W1S 3PG

Open by appointment