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Artvehicle 7/Recommended

5th January 2007 — 10th February 2007

...Meanwhile out in Wales...Cassandra Needham gives three artists a floor each to present their own take on TV, music videos and cult films. Ben Young enlists the help of his family to make 'The sons of l'Homme Doré', even persuading his brother to get his kit off. This 14-minute video tells a nostalgic sci-fi story in the style of MTV videos and bio-yogurt ads, all voiced by Brian Blessed (an uncle perhaps?). Beautifully edited and camp as Christmas.

Blandy film shows him wandering bare-foot around Hampstead Heath and central London looking for enlightenment. True to form nobody takes any notice. It's all edited together with bits of 'Star-wars' and Kung-Fu movies. Here in Cardiff people might not recognise the locations so easily but they can still join in with the intro to 'Monkey'.

Richard Dedomenici set out to polarise opinion with 'Fame Asylum'. Judging from the cuttings on the pin board he achieved this aim - with the entire world media at one end and him (and me) at the other, liking the project. The gallery is showing a 50-minute Channel 4 programme that follows Dedomenici as he chooses 4 asylum seekers to be in his boy band 'Status'. We see him try to whip a bunch of teenage lads into shape, hearing their stories and following their progress to their ultimate (pedestrian) performance on the South Bank and the choreographer's accusation that he's playing God. Is he the bad guy or has he been unfairly portrayed by Channel 4? Perhaps he should contact Phil Collins.


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