Sequences and Repetition

Artvehicle 7/Recommended

15th January 2007 — 16th February 2007

Michael Ajerman / Rana Begum / Zadok Ben-David / Dale Berning / Suki Chan / Tatiana ECheverri Fernandez / Itamar Gilboa / Ludovica Gioscia /Private view Emilia Izquierdo / Tess Jaray / Gary McDonald / Gideon Rubin / Michal Rubin / Silia Ka Tung / 'A sequence is essentially a whole in which nothing is repeated.' Roland Barthes. Although diverse in sensibility and media - embracing sound, video, sculpture, painting, photograph and installation - the artists in this culturally-versatile group share a fascination with sequence and repetition, essential elements of our daily life. Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez uses repeated forms of mirror off-cuts to explore the faceted meeting of two spaces, one of function and one of subjectivity. The objects become a shifting constellation, responding to the architecture, reacting to, or creating a mood. Ludovica Gioscia's screenprinted wallpapers juxtapose repeated images that reference artificial environments, such as Las Vegas. The result is a cacophonic and anachronistic history of club culture in which layered patterns unfold in baroque swirls.


The Bedlam Gallery - Brunel University
Wilfried Brown Building
Brunel University
Uxbridge UB8 3PH

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm