Artvehicle 7/Recommended

19th January 2007 — 4th February 2007

'Absolute Zero is theoretically the lowest possible temperature, a point at which to create a scale of measurement'. London-based artists Tobias Collier, Christopher Davies, Rose Eken, Andrew Ekins, Sean Michael and Darren O'Connor engage with the reconfiguration of information and assume different zero points through their work, creating disrupted views of mass, scale, order and physicality. Tobias Collier presents Model of the Universe ( 2 (Astro-Abluter) which meditates on the fullness of time. He glimpses the universe in the bathtub, unswerving in his examination of man's striving towards an understanding of the cosmos.


Lounge Gallery
28 Shacklewell Lane
London E8 2EZ

Thursday-Saturday, 1pm-6pm