Good Riddance and Detourist

Artvehicle 8/Recommended

3rd February 2007 — 10th March 2007

Can getting-rid-of be as progressive and constructive as adding to? 'Good Riddance' brings together artists who, through a wide range of media, including sound, film and text, focus on taking away as a means of constructive making. Running concurrently is 'Detourist', a series of ephemeral public realm interventions by Leo Fitzmaurice. The interventions have occurred in London, Liverpool, Shanghai, Stavanger, Berlin and Zurich and may only last minutes before they are absorbed back into the urban fabric. The have been documented by Tim Machin in a series of posters.


Unit 54
Regents Studios
London E8 4QN

Thursday-Sunday, 12pm-6pm