Paul Lawrence Artist in Residence

Artvehicle 10/Recommended

3rd March 2007 — 1st April 2007

Daniel Shand is starting an exciting new artist-in-residence project at his space in Cambridge Heath Road. His idea of concentrating on the process of art-making rather than the end-result, will be a revitalizing balm for the increasingly market-obsessed art world. Shand explains his intentions: 'The residencies are aimed to create a platform for the research, development and promotion of artistic practice. During the residencies, artists open their world to the public during a one-month period. This allows both emerging and more established artists the opportunity to invite the public into their creative setting thus giving the viewer prominent access and insight into the mind of the artist at work. Producing work in a setting that is accessible to the public forces the artist into a new momentum of evaluation and response and whilst in residence the artists are encouraged to use this as a mechanism to evolve their practice.' Paul Lawrence, the first resident, will create a new project based on visual storytelling through randomly generated narratives. Taking cryptography and technical drawing as his starting point, Paul will work in screen printing, collage and painting to create a series of images that define the imaginary landscapes of our internal worlds.


Daniel Shand
Unit 3
210 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9NQ

Saturday-Sunday, 12pm-6pm