Erin O'Connor Wears Vivienne Westwood

Artvehicle 11/Recommended

17th February 2007 — 17th March 2007

In collaboration with Japanese photographer Izima Kaoru, Erin O'Connor fantasies her perfect death garbed in Vivienne Westwood and draped in Kew Gardens beneath a giant yellow lily. The first British subject of Kaoru's ongoing series of 'landscapes with a corpse', she summons up her Pre-Raphaelite heritage, channelling Lizzie Siddal as Millais' Ophelia. Kaoru's images are often violent but utterly seductive and taken from a high view point as if the soul is looking down upon the body it is departing. His delectably dark and decadent work always starts you thinking about how you would prefer to be immortalised, there's something to be said for dying young and staying pretty.


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