Douglas White: Lilith

Artvehicle 12/Recommended

15th March 2007 — 8th April 2007

Douglas White finds sculptural forms in found and discarded objects, organic and urban. In last year's Bloomberg New Contemporaries he presented a melted glass recycling bin he had noticed in the street and persuaded the council to give him. Here he presents Owl, a free-standing, framed pane of glass bearing the faint, greasy imprint of an owl with wings outstretched, left by the creature when it flew, at top speed, into a patio door. Alerted to the existence of the imprint by a photograph in a newspaper, White tracked down and secured the patio door, which is now reframed and illuminated in the darkened gallery space, revealing the bird's ghostly presence, hovering in the dark. It is presented here with his series Moons in his first solo show. The title of the exhibition comes from the myth of Adam's first wife, Lilith, sometimes described as a screech owl and with the furthest point from the sun in the moon's orbit named after her.


Paradise Row
St Matthew's Hall
2 Wood Close
London E2 6ET

Wednesday-Sunday, 12pm-6pm