All That is Solid Melts Into Air by Sebastien Pruvost

Artvehicle 14/Recommended

23rd April 2007 — 27th April 2007

The exhibition is location in Clerkenwell, formally an area populated by non-conformist cults and political and religious dissidents, now it is a centre for the creative and media industries. As such, the whole area has undergone a complete transformation from being the domain of the secret to becoming an arena which embraces the ideology of self-exposure and advertising to carry out its task. For his first exhibition in England, the Paris-based artist has been commissioned to make new installation. Characterized by the French artist’s trademark commitment to the investigation of language, symbolism and the cultural politics of ‘pop’, Provost’s work promises to playfully reference this secret history in relation to Marx’ prophesy.


Central Saint Martins
10 Back Hill
London EC1R 5L

Daily, 10am-6pm