Then and Now

Artvehicle 16/Recommended

18th May 2007 — 23rd June 2007

There are just 223 (shopping) days left 'til Christmas and if you don't want to get it wrong again you'd better sort it out early while you've got some cash in your pocket and some time on your hands. Pick up something non-specific and it'll be handy further down the line whatever happens. Go and get some intelligent jewellery - this stuff explores contemporary issues concerning value, taste and memory. A 'n' D's work successfully walks the tricky line between art and fashion - graphic images of heavy gold watches, like a fake, fake Rolex. Laura Potter offers a traditional christening bracelet engraved with the word 'Bastard'. You look great, they look great and various struggling craftspersons get some money. It's a win win win situation.


Barrett Marsden Gallery
17-18 Great Sutton Street
London EC1V 0D

Tuesday-Friday, 11am-6pm
Saturday, 11am-4pm