Whitechapel Project Space: La Commune

Artvehicle 17/Recommended

2nd June 2007 — 3rd June 2007

Whitechapel Project Space presents La Commune at the Serpentine Gallery, a weekend of performance, presentations, screenings and publication launches focusing on counter-histories of self-organisation, and the philosophical, personal and aesthetic legacies of such activities.

Saturday 2 June
1pm - Lilla Khoor & Will Potter's Khoor Miklós' vision of the Inca-Maya Culture in Hungary and Singular History. Two recent works that address the formation of personal and community identities in relation to the histories and mythologies promoted by the Hungarian State. 4pm - Melanie Gilligan's Prairial, year 215 A dramatic dialogue exploring the aesthetics of politics, the politics of aesthetics and the political economy of both. The inherently theatrical character of modern representational democracy is dissected (like a corpse), then reanimated by a shot of Rancièrean partage.

Sunday 3 June
2pm - Anthony Iles & Tom Roberts's 'All knees and elbows of susceptibility and refusal': talking history and history from below. Following a screening of the 1983 film by H.O. Nazereth Talking History: C.L.R. James and E.P. Thompson, Anthony Iles & Tom Roberts will take up the legacy and problems of the project of making 'history from below'. 4pm - Melanie Gilligan's Prairial, year 215

To coincide with this event, Whitechapel Project Space has commissioned two publications; a new edition of Glasgow based fanzine Radical Vans and Carriages, and Mythologies by i-cabin texts, which will be available from the Serpentine Gallery, and for download from www.whitechapelprojectspace.org.uk. This is part of Local Operations (23 May - 1 July), a free series of self-organised events, talks, screenings and workshops by writers, curators, theorists, independent groups, not-for-profit spaces and students at The Sackler Centre of Arts Education at the Serpentine Gallery. All discussions will be available as free podcasts from www.serpentinegallery.org.


Serpentine Gallery
Kensington Gardens
London W2 3XA

Daily, 10am-6pm