Summer Sushi

Artvehicle 20/Recommended

29th June 2007 — 14th September 2007

A traditionally Asian rendering of a landscape except there's a girl, oh so tiny in the corner, scampering along with a butterfly net. A lofty rock formation dotted with sunbathers and swimmers. Jongsuk Yoon's gentle paintings fuse the visual grammar of Orient and Occident. Mai Hofstede Gunnes provides two loops of meticulously animated black-on-white animated line drawings. Gemstones swirl, and tubular letters morph through a random alphabet to the whirr of projectors.

From Romania, Lia Perjovschi's cluster of intricately penned mind-maps whet my appetite for her monumental documentation of the international art scene, gleaned from smuggled photocopies back in the days of the Iron Curtain. They also remind me that I lack the flair for handwriting decryption.

For years, Gerald Minkoff and Muriel Olesen have got themselves up at the crack of dawn to plump hotels into spherical 'Meteorites of Love'. The selection hints at the sheer abundance of loud patterns they have snuggled under during their wanderings, not to mention the bewildering range of bedheads that have been dreamt up over the decades. Ben Deakin goes very large with two glacial mountainscapes that incorporate mystery elements. They're painted like collages and mess with spatials and stuff. What's going in and what's coming out?


Gallery Yujiro
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Tower Bridge Business Complex
London SE16 4D

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